Category: Popes

St. Dionysius Quiz

1. What was St. Dionysius at the time of his election?

2. When was St. Dionysius pope?

3. When was St. Dionysius elected pope?

4. Who were suffering from Persian invasion and received funds from St. Dionysius?

5. Whom did St. Dionysius ask to answer to the charge of tritheism?

6. Who issued the edict of toleration during the papacy of St. Dionysius?

7. Who of the following was condemned by St. Dionysius?

8. When did St. Dionysius die?

9. Where did St. Dionysius die?

10. When is the feast day of St. Dionysius?

St. Miltiades Quiz

11. From which continent was St. Miltiades?

12. When was St. Miltiades pope?

13. When was St. Miltiades consecrated pope?

14. Who gave a palace to St. Miltiades?

15. Whose election as bishop of Carthage did St. Miltiades defend?

16. Who refused to submit to St. Miltiades?

17. When did St. Miltiades die?

18. Where did St. Miltiades die?

19. When is the feast day of St. Miltiades?

20. Which of the following is true of St. Miltiades?

St. Sylvester I Quiz

21. What was St. Sylvester I’s father’s name?

22. Who ordained St. Sylvester I a priest?

23. When was St. Sylvester I pope?

24. When was St. Sylvester I consecrated pope?

25. Which ecumenical council was held during the papacy of St. Sylvester I?

26. Who presided over the Council of Nicaea?

27. Who was condemned by the Council of Nicaea?

28. When did St. Sylvester I die?

29. Where was St. Sylvester I buried?

30. Who transferred the relics of St. Sylvester I in 762?