Category: Popes

Innocent I Quiz

1. Where was Innocent I born?

2. When was Innocent I pope?

3. When was Innocent I consecrated pope?

4. Whom did Innocent I order to be reinstated as the patriarch of Constantinople?

5. When did Innocent I send a decretal to Victricius, Bishop of Rouen, regarding disciplinary matters?

6. Who donated money to Innocent I to build the church of Sts. Gervase and Protasius?

7. Who sacked Rome in 410?

8. Whom did Innocent I excommunicate?

9. Which schism ended during the papacy of Innocent I?

10. When did Innocent I die?

Celestine I Quiz

11. What was Celestine I at the time he became pope?

12. When was Celestine I pope?

13. When was Celestine I elected pope?

14. Which emperor was said to be a relative of Celestine I?

15. Who was the patriarch of Constantinople who said Mary was not Theotokos?

16. Which ecumenical council was held during the papacy of Celestine I?

17. Where did Celestine I send St. Germanus and St. Lupus to combat Pelagianism?

18. Whom did Celestine I consecrate bishop and send to Ireland?

19. When did Celestine I die?

20. Where did Celestine I die?

St. Sixtus III Quiz

21. When was St. Sixtus III pope?

22. When was St. Sixtus III consecrated pope?

23. Which ecumenical council’s Acts did St. Sixtus III approve?

24. Which basilica did St. Sixtus III restore?

25. Which Roman emperor gave gifts to St. Sixtus III?

26. Over which territory did St. Sixtus III assert papal authority against the patriarch of Constantinople?

27. Who of the following was refused readmission into the church by St. Sixtus III?

28. When did St. Sixtus III die?

29. Where was St. Sixtus III buried?

30. When is the feast day of St. Sixtus III?