Anacletus II Quiz

(Anacletus II is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope. After the death of Honorius II there was division among the cardinals. Anacletus II was elected pope by majority of the cardinals.)

1. Where was Pietro Pierleoni a monk?

2. Who created Pietro Pierleoni cardinal?

3. Whom did Pietro Pierleoni accompany on his flight to France in 1118?

4. When was Anacletus II elected pope?

5. What was the name taken by Gregorio Papareschi who was elected pope by minority of the cardinals before Anacletus II was elected?

6. Who attacked Jewish ancestry of Anacletus II?

7. Who supported Anacletus II after being invested as king of Sicily?

8. Who council did Louis VI call to decide the legitimacy of papal succession?

9. Who opposed Anacletus II and occupied much of Rome in 1132?

10. When did Anacletus II die?

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