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Bihar Quiz

1. Which country is to the north of Bihar?

2. Which state is to the west of Bihar?

3. Which is the capital of Bihar?

4. Of which presidency was Bihar a part of?

5. Which is the official language of Bihar?

6. Which state was separated from Bihar in 2000?

7. Which river is known as the Sorrow of Bihar?

8. Who of the following presidents of India was born in Bihar?

9. Which coalition came to power in Bihar in 2006?

10. What is the area of Bihar?

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Andhra Pradesh Quiz

11. When was Andhra Pradesh formed?

12. From which state was Andhra Pradesh separated?

13. What is to the east of Andhra Pradesh?

14. Which state is to the south of Andhra Pradesh?

15. Which was the capital of Andhra Pradesh before 1 November 1956?

16. Who became chief minister of Andhra Pradesh in 1983?

17. Who replaced Ram Lal as governor of Andhra Pradesh in 1984?

18. Which is the official language of Andhra Pradesh?

19. Who had to quit as governor of Andhra Pradesh after a CD featuring him appeared?

20. Who was the first prime minister from Andhra Pradesh?

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