st. paul

Pauline Year Quiz

1) What is Pauline Year?
a) Birth Centenary of Paul IV.
b) Death Centenary of Paul V.
c) Birth Centenary of Paul VI.
d) A year dedicated to St. Paul, in preparation for the 2,000th anniversary of his birth.

2) Who announced Pauline Year on 28 June 2007?
a) Benedict XVI
b) John Paul II
c) Paul VI
d) John XXIII

3) When is Pauline Year?
a) From 25 December 2007 to 24 December 2008
b) From 29 June 2008, to 29 June 2009
c) From 1 January 2008 to 31 December 2008
d) From 25 March 2008 to 24 March 2009

Minnesota Quiz

Minnesota Quiz Questions and Answers

1. When did Minnesota become a state of USA?
a) 7 February 1787
b) 11 May 1858
c) 2 July 1842
d) 5 December 1872

2. Which county is to the north of Minnesota?
a) Peru
b) Colombia
c) Canada
d) Venezuela

3. Which state is to the east of Minnesota?
a) North Dakota
b) South Dakota
c) Oregon
d) Wisconsin

St. Paul Quiz

1. Who was the Greek god the people of Lystra thought St. Paul to be?
a) Poseidon
b) Uranus
c) Mercury
d) Saturn

2. Where was St. Paul stoned and left for dead?
a) Jerusalem
b) Lystra
c) Amman
d) Bethlehem

3. Where did St. Paul have a vision in which a man asked him to come to Macedonia?
a) Derbe
b) Antioch
c) Nazareth
d) Troas