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Canada Quiz

1. What is the status of Canada?

2. Which is the capital of Canada?

3. Who is the patron saint of Canada?

4. Which are the official languages of Canada?

5. When did Montreal host Olympics?

6. Who was the Prime Minister of Canada from 1968 to 1979?

7. What is in the centre of Canada’s flag?

8. Which of the following is not a province of Canada?

9. Who said “The medium is the message.”?

10. Who after winning gold medal in 100 metres race in Seoul Olympics 1988 tested positive for drugs and was thrown out?

11. Which province of Canada has predominantly French population?

12. Which of the following islands is not a part of Canada?

13. In which province a referendum on independence was held in 1995?

14. Who won the Olympic gold medal in 100 metres race in Atlanta Olympics 1996?

15. Who is the first Canadian Cardinal ?

16. Where was Jesuit missionary Isaac Jogues born ?

17. Which is the national animal of Canada?

18. Which are the two Houses of Canadian Parliament?

19. Which country has larger area than Canada?

20. Who is the Head of State of Canada?

21. Which country is on the south of Canada?

22. Which is the predominant religion of Canada?

23. Which is the longest river in Canada?

24. Which is the highest mountain in Canada?

25. Canada has how may time zones?

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