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General Knowledge Quiz – 2

1. Who won the Football World Cup in 1982?

2. Which country is known as Suomi?

3. Who was the Roman Emperor in 41-54 AD?

4. Who won Wimbledon Women’s Singles Championship in 1988?

5. Who is the author of Pride and Prejudice?

6. In the Bible, who is the eldest son of David?

7. In which film it is said, “Some dreams come true. Some don’t. Keep on dreaming.”?

8. Who is considered the father of geometry?

9. Which country was known as Nyasaland?

10. Which sea separates Egypt from Saudi Arabia?

11. Which country has 11 official languages?

12. Which pope divided the world between Portugal and Spain?

13. How many lines are in a limerick?

14. The flag of which country has one big star and four small stars?

15. Which is the national animal of Argentina?

16. Who won seven gold medals in swimming in 1972 Munich Olympics?

17. What is sodium chloride?

18. Who is the patron saint of music?

19. What is the meaning of Anno Domini?

20. In the Bible, Joseph was sold by his brothers for how many silver coins?

21. How many furlongs is one mile?

22. Who is the founder of Sikhism?

23. When is the Feast Day of St. Francis Xavier?

24. Which river joins Ganga at Allahabad?

25. Who was the Carthagian general during Punic War II?

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