Australia Quiz

1. What is the meaning of Australia?

2. Which animal carries its babies in a pouch?

3. Which animal lays eggs?

4. When is Australia Day?

5. Which of the following is not a State?

6. Which Australian captain declared the innings in a Test when his individual score reached 334 equalling that of Don Bradman?

7. What is Don Bradman’s Test batting average?

8. What is dingo?

9. Which is Australia’s tallest bird?

10. When was Paul Keating Prime Minister of Australia?

11. Which Strait separates Australia and Papua New Guinea?

12. Who bowled underarm in a One Day International?

13. What does A stand for in ANZUS?

14. Who declared Sydney Olympics 2000 open?

15. Which Governor General of Australia was Archbishop of Brisbane?

16. Which of the following is not a dependency of Australia?

17. How was Australia known in the 18th Century?

18. Which structure in Delhi resembles Sydney Opera House?

19. Who is Australian of the Year 2007?

20. Which Hollywood actor and director was born in USA and moved to Australia at the age of 12?

21. By how many hours Australian Eastern Standard Time is ahead of Indian Standard Time?

22. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1973?

23. Who won Wimbledon Men’s Singles Title in 1987?

24. Who did the title role in the film Elizabeth directed by Shekhar Kapur?

25. Which of the following films is a musical?

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    1. i like using this site for the class

  1. when first europeans discovered australia?
    this is my question and thanks

    1. There is dispute about first Europeans to discover Australia. Some claim
      the Portuguese were the first to discover Australia. That is not accepted
      by others. First undisputed landing on Australia was by Willem Jansz in
      1606. He thought it was part of New Guinea.
      – Vincent Augustine D’Souza

      1. Actually it was the great Chinese explorative fleets of the 1400s

        1. Chinese arent European, which is what the original poster asked for.

      2. Itwas I can not spell it but here goes vasco degarma something like that

      3. I think Australia was ‘found” originally by some First Nation person about 60,0000 years ago.

  2. prasanta kumar guchhait

    Fantastic collections.

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog
    and wanted to mention that I have really loved
    browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  4. It’s cool I know everything.

    1. i don’t i got two wrong and the rest of them correct

      1. I think it was Vasco de Garma.

  5. Nice & informative… thank you..

  6. hi my name is chelsea and i am 11 years old and what i think of the quiz is that the quiz is pritty hard for me :( :)

  7. where are the answers to the questions above?

  8. interesting quiz thx

  9. Question 16.
    Which of the following iS not…

    1. Thanks. Typo corrected.

  10. Question 11.
    Bering straIt

  11. Maureen Arthur Olsen

    I am from Australia living in USA. I read a book, and it was made into a film, about Nurses during the WW11 placed in a Japanese internment camp. It was not “A Town Like Alice” this I know. Do you have any idea?

    1. Angel of Bataan: The Life of a World War II Army Nurse in the War Zone and at Home

      We Band of Angels: The Untold Story of the American Women Trapped on Bataan

    2. Paradise Road was the movie. White Coolies was the name of the book.

    3. White Coolies

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