Philippines Quiz

1. What is the approximate number of islands that comprise the Philippines?

2. When did the Philippines become independent?

3. Which country had the Philippines as its colony from 1898 to 1946, except for some years during World War II?

4. Which country occupied the Philppies during World War II?

5. What is the term of the President of the Philippines?

6. Which country had the Philippines as its colony for more than 300 years?

7. Who of the following explorers arrived in the Philippines in 1521?

8. Which is the predominant religion of the Philippines?

9. Which of the following languages is indigenous to the Philippines?

10. Which of the following groups has the Philippines as its member?

Originally posted 2017-02-24 22:31:14.

Updated: May 5, 2020 — 2:03 am

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  1. i got ten, thanks for posting :)

    1. their is only 4 years of term here in the phillipines

      1. Read the constitution.

      2. 6 years

    2. great quiz and answer

      1. Yeah i got 10 of ten

  2. ellen angelic biene

    nakakatulong talaga! it give us more information about the history of our country!

  3. got 9 out of 10… but I thought the terms of the Philippine president only last for 4 years?

    1. me too.. i got 9 and i also got wrong on how many years philippine president last.. and i also thought it is 4

      1. Marijoy N. Adriosula

        I got you. Thanks

  4. Joella Marie Hernandez

    I am glad that there’s a website like this . I’m realLy thankful because I wilL join a contest ” HeKaSi Quiz Bee ” , and this website realLy works :) I’m from Bagong Silang Elementary School B. S. E. S. :D Go BSES !

  5. good or us to know the answers about our phil history.

  6. I got 10 out of 10 :)

  7. i got 9 out of 10. i id not know when the Philippines became independent. i taught it was June 12. :))

    1. actually ako rin alam ko June 12…

      1. i ALSO GOT 10
        pero hindi ako katulad ng isa na mahangin joke……….
        congrats sa 10 joke

  8. not so proud na nakakuha ako ng 10/10. madali lang kse. even a six grader kaya masagutan eh

    1. yabang, pa not so proud ka pa

      i also got 10 but di ako ganun kayabang

  9. w0w !!! kung eto sna lumalabas pag kuha ng civil service e na sa Top 1 aq0 !!!!!! lol..

  10. got 9 out of 10… lol
    i have no idea of the year when Philippines became independent.. But you should add this question: What is the title of our national anthem? this is a great one.

  11. Ernest john gonzales

    This is so cool like i never known it help me lot cause i will join a bulprisa in july 26 thanks

  12. 10 out of 10. sana pindot pindot nalang hahaha/. sayun!

  13. I got ten out of ten :) getting ready for our upcoming outside school quiz bee competition. :)

  14. yeah, i got 10 :)

  15. yeah i got 9 out of 10 because i thought the pres. has a 5years of term

  16. I Got a Perfect 10….

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  18. This is…. OK. Well, I don’t know. I’m actually bothered on how I would download these informations to my phone. Is this downloadable? Lol, gotta explore!

  19. meron pba kayong alam na site more on general knowledge about philippines? thanks…

  20. 10 out of 10!!


  21. I want more!!

    favorite ko talaga history about philippines..^O^

  22. History Explorer PH

    Thanks po sa inyong quiz i got perfec
    t 10 !!! sana ung pang high school naman!!!…

  23. i got 10…tnx 4 testing my knowledge….. sana damihan niyo pa ung question in relation to the phil. history!!!! luvlots…


  25. Some people to read a history .. <3

  26. Congratulations for those who had the perfect score. I guess you deserved it because you really had the knowledge stored and for those bashing I hope you’ll just accept and respect their scores because they answer it truthfully and be sports this is just a sort of review. Peace!

    1. i got a perfect 10 i wanted to answer more question.what about you?

  27. ganda tlga ng kasaysayan ng pilipinas!!!

  28. tnx,,it really adds an info…i got 9 out of 10
    hope it will exist during exam

  29. I got ten, sayon ra kaayo, hahaha Joke!…

  30. I got 10 of 10… Thanks for this… Waiting for more questions…

  31. Coool.. Thanks for this. Helped me a lot. TY again!

  32. very resourceful. Thakns

  33. gooooood and thanks a lot.hope to see more quertions.

  34. great!!!!!!! thing to
    do is getting answer and solving questions!!!!!

  35. thats ok when i got 6 out of 10 because i am only 09 years old

  36. It really help to me a lot. ?

  37. nka 10 / 10 din can u post some Q&A. THANKS

  38. I got 10 of 10.

  39. Wow! I perfectly made it.

  40. Question 11

    How many Filipinos were born on 31st December 1844?


  41. Number 2 is incorrect.
    The it is not the 4th of July. It is the 12th of June. We are not the U.S. (June 12, 1898)
    Is this really the right answer?

  42. christine marie macias

    i got 8

  43. nice quizz I got perfect it is because i already know the questions..
    Cause Im a Social study major..

    1. Perfect ako yehey !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Hi! I don’t know what I’m doing

  45. 10/10 :-)
    I Love the Philippine History!

  46. I GOT 10, NICE

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