Ajit Wadekar Quiz

1. When was Ajit Wadekar captain of India’s cricket team?

2. When was Ajit Wadekar born?

3. Where was Ajit Wadekar born?

4. Against which country did Ajit Wadekar make his Test debut?

5. Where did Ajit Wadekar hit his Test century?

6. When did Ajit Wadekar lead India to victory over West Indies in a Test series?

7. Where did India defeat England in a Test in 1971?

8. How many Tests did Ajit Wadekar play?

9. How many ODIs did Ajit Wadekar play?

10. When did Ajit Wadekar die?

Originally posted 2018-08-21 11:28:22.

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  1. How much question of Ajit Wadekar’s quiz is correct?

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