Pelagius II Quiz

1. What was Pelagius II’s father’s name?

2. When was Pelagius II pope?

3. How long did Pelagius II wait for imperial confirmation after his election as pope?

4. When was Pelagius II consecrated pope?

5. Who was the Byzantine emperor unable to help Pelagius II against Lombards?

6. Of which diocese was Aunacharius, to whom Pelagius II wrote to use his influence with Frankish kings to help Italy against Lombards, bishop?

7. Whose assumption of the title ecumenical patriarch at a synod in 588 did Pelagius II protest?

8. Which schism did Pelagius II try to end?

9. When did Pelagius II die?

10. What caused Pelagius II’s death?

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