Honorius I Quiz

1. When was Honorius I pope?

2. When was Honorius I elected pope?

3. Whom did Honorius I send to Wessex to preach the gospel?

4. Who was the archbishop of York to receive pallium from Honorius I?

5. Whom did Honorius I persuade to accept Roman liturgy and date of Easter?

6. Of which kingdom was Edwin, to whom Honorius I wrote a letter, was king?

7. When did Patriarch Sergius of Constantinople propose to Honorius I that both East and West support the doctrine of “one will” in Christ?

8. To which council’s teaching did Honorius I refer to reply to the proposal of Patriarch Sergius of Constantinople?

9. When did Honorius I die?

10. Which ecumenical council condemned Honorius I as heretic?

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