Helmut Kohl Quiz

(Federal Republic of Germany was popularly known as West Germany. German Democratic Republic was popularly known as East Germany. German Democratic Republic’s merger with Federal Republic of Germany is known as German Unification. After that Federal Republic of Germany is popularly known as Germany.)

1. When was Helmut Kohl Chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany?

2. When was Helmut Kohl born?

3. Where was Helmut Kohl born?

4. Which university did Helmut Kohl attend?

5. Which party did Helmut Kohl join?

6. Of which state was Helmut Kohl minister president?

7. How many votes did Helmut Kohl get to become party chairman?

8. When did German Democratic Republic merge with Federal Republic of Germany?

9. When did Helmut Kohl die?

10. Where did Helmut Kohl die?

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