Honorius II Quiz

(Honorius II is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope.)

1. Where was Lamberto Scannabecchi born?

2. Of which diocese was Lamberto Scannabecchi bishop?

3. Who created Lamberto Scannabecchi cardinal?

4. Who sent Lamberto Scannabecchi to Germany?

5. Which controversy did Lamberto Scannabecchi help end at the Concordat of Worms?

6. Honorius II offered to resign when his election was challenged by a faction of cardinals. When did the cardinals reelect Honorius II?

7. Who was elected German king in 1125?

8. Who was the rival of Lothair II excommunicated by Honorius II?

9. Who declared himself duke of Apulia in 1127?

10. When did Honorius II die?

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