Alexander III Quiz

(Alexander III is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope.)

1. Where was Rolando Bandinelli born?

2. Where was Rolando Bandinelli professor of law?

3. Where did Rolando Bandinelli refer to the Holy Roman Empire as a benefice of the papacy?

4. Who was the Holy Roman Emperor during the papacy of Alexander III?

5. What name was taken by Cardinal Octavius, the antipope elected by a minority of cardinals in 1159?

6. Where was Alexander III in 1162-1165?

7. Which league was formed by Alexander III against Frederick Barbarossa?

8. Where did the Lombards defeat Frederick Barbarossa in 1176?

9. Which ecumenical council took place during the papacy of Alexander III?

10. When did Alexander III die?

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