Stephen X Quiz

(Stephen X is referred by his baptismal name for the times before he became pope. Stephen X was known as Stephen IX during the time when he was pope. On 23 March 752 a priest was elected pope who took the name Stephen II. He died on 25 March 752 without being consecrated and hence not considered as pope. He was considered as pope in the 16th century and that led to confusion of numbers of popes who subsequently took the name Stephen.)

1. Where was Frederic de Lorraine born?

2. Where was Frederic de Lorraine archdeacon?

3. To which pope was Frederic de Lorraine adviser?

4. Where was Frederic de Lorraine legate in 1054?

5. Which abbey did Frederic de Lorraine join?

6. Who created Frederic de Lorraine cardinal?

7. When was Stephen X elected pope?

8. What instruction did Stephen X about the election of his successor?

9. When did Stephen X die?

10. Where did Stephen X die?

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