Sergius II Quiz

(Sergius II is referred to as Sergius for the times before he became pope.)

1. Who created Sergius cardinal?

2. Who appointed Sergius archpriest?

3. When was Sergius II pope?

4. Who was Sergius II’s rival, elected pope by popular acclamation?

5. Who sent an army to punish Sergius II and Roman nobles for breach of Roman Constitution of 824?

6. When did Sergius II crown Louis II the king of the Lombards?

7. Whom did Sergius II appoint legate to the Frankish kingdoms?

8. Of which diocese was Benedict, brother of Sergius II, bishop?

9. When did the Saracens attack and pillage Rome during the papacy of Sergius II?

10. When did Sergius II die?

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