Vigilius Quiz

1. Who ordered that Silverius be deposed and Vigilius be made pope?

2. Who carried out the order of deposing Silverius and replacing him with Vigilius as pope?

3. When was Vigilius pope?

4. Who issued an edict in 544 that caused the “Three Chapters Controversy”?

5. When did Constantinople II meet?

6. From where did Vigilius issue censures against clerics who supported Justinian I?

7. When did Vigilius issue a Constitutum that withheld the ratification of the decision of Constantinople II?

8. When did Vigilius revoke the first Constitutum and issue the second Constitutum that the ratified the decision of Constantinople II?

9. When did Vigilius die?

10. Where did Vigilius die?

Updated: June 12, 2017 — 8:29 pm

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