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Correggio Quiz

1. What was Correggio’s original name?

2. Where was Correggio born?

3. Whose family chapel’s decoration did Correggio complete in Mantua?

4. When was Correggio’s Madonna of St. Francis commissioned?

5. Who secured for Correggio the appointment to decorate the dome of the church of S. Giovanni Evangelista?

6. Which fresco is the culmination of Correggio’s career as a mural painter?

7. What nickname was given to Correggio’s altarpiece Adoration of the Shepherds?

8. What nickname was given to Correggio’s altarpiece Madonna of St. Jerome?

9. When did Correggio die?

10. Where did Correggio die?

Updated: May 3, 2017 — 11:27 am

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