USA Presidential Election 2016 Quiz – II

1. Who during a White House briefing referred to Donald Trump as carnival barker?

2. To whom did Donald Trump refer to as Pocahontas?

3. After which beauty pageant final goof-up Donald Trump claimed it would not have happened if he had been there?

4. During which talk show the host put his feet on the table while interviewing Donald Trump?

5. Whom did Nikki Haley endorse before South Carolina Primary 2016?

6. Who said Ted Cruz is Lucifer in flesh?

7. Who was the first Republican Presidential candidate to endorse Donald Trump?

8. When did Barack Obama endorse Hillary Clinton as Democratic Presidential nominee?

9. Which Democrat referring to USA Presidential Election 2016 said had he contested he would have been the best President?

10. Who was the last rival of Donald Trump to suspend his campaign?

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Updated: April 26, 2020 — 12:30 pm

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