Lou Gehrig Quiz

1. What was Lou Gehrig’s original name?

2. What was Lou Gehrig’s full name?

3. What was Lou Gehrig’s nickname?

4. When was Lou Gehrig born?

5. Where was Lou Gehrig born?

6. Which university did Lou Gehrig attend?

7. For which team did Lou Gehrig play baseball?

8. How many consecutive games did Lou Gehrig play?

9. Which disease is known as Lou Gehrig’s disease?

10. When did Lou Gehrig die?

11. When did Lou Gehrig become the first man in the 20th century to hit four consecutive home runs in one game?

12. When did Lou Gehrig win the Triple Crown?

13. How many home runs did Lou Gehrig hit in 1936?

14. What was Lou Gehrig’s jersey number?

15. What was Lou Gehrig’s career batting average?

16. How many career home runs did Lou Gehrig hit?

17. When was Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day?

18. What did Lou Gehrig say on his Appreciation Day?

19. When was Lou Gehrig elected to National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum?

20. Where did Lou Gehrig die?

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