(This quiz is about Central Board of Film Certification.)

1. When was Indian Cinematograph Act passed?

2. In 1920 Censor Boards were set up under police chiefs in five cities. Four of them were Bombay, Calcutta, Lahore, and Madras. Which was the fifth city?

3. After which Act Bombay Board of Film Censors was reconstituted as Central Board of Film Censors?

4. When was the name of Central Board of Film Censors changed to Central Board of Film Certification?

5. Which certificate is for Unrestricted Public Exhibition?

6. Which certificate is for specialised audience?

7. Which year had four CBFC Chairpersons?

8. When was Shakti Samanta Chairperson of CBFC?

9. Who was the Chairperson of CBFC in 2001-2002?

10. Who succeeded Leela Samson as Chairperson of CBFC?

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