Pakistan Quiz

1. What is the meaning of Pakistan?

2. Who is the first Governor General of Pakistan?

3. What was the major event of 1971?

4. When Musharraf overthrew the government of Nawaz Sharif what designation did he take?

5. In which year did Pakistan win the Cricket World Cup?

6. When did Pakistan win Olympic gold medal in Hockey for the first time?

7. Which party was in power in North West Frontier Province at the time of independence?

8. When Sindh was annexed by the British what message was sent by Charles Napier to headquaters?

9. Where was General Pervez Musharraf born?

10. Where is the tomb of Mughal Emperor Jahangir?

11. Who succeeded Zia Ul Haque as President of Pakistan?

12. When did Pakistan become a Republic?

13. How many times did squash player Jansher Khan win World Open?

14. Who sang Mujko bhi zara lift kara de?

15. Who did the title role in the film Henna?

16. Which Indian Cardinal was from Karachi?

17. Which is the national flower of Pakistan?

18. Who designed Pakistan’s national flag?

19. Which military alliance had Pakistan as its member?

20. Who wrote Tarana-e-Pakistan?

21. Which is the national language of Pakistan?

22. How is Pakistan’s film industry known?

23. Which is the national animal of Pakistan?

24. Which is the national bird of Pakistan?

25. Which Pakistani Prime Minister received Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee when he arrived by bus to Lahore?

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  1. v good

  2. very good bro

  3. National anthem wrote by Hafiz jallandri not by jagganath whatever the above so called info is dought full pllZz read carefully

    1. I agree with Ayesha

    2. Current National Anthem is “Qomi Tarana” and question asked is about Tarana-e-Pakistan written by jagganath

    3. yess national anthem wrote by Hafiz Janllandri i;m also shoked when i saw the ansr

      1. there is controversy….there is no proof who wrote the lyrics

        1. hafeez jalandri wrote the lyrics

          1. Hafeez jalandri just sing the national anthem above brother said the msg this is not proved to actual person on wrote the anthem just anthem wrote jgnaath i think soo…

    4. you are right .. there is some mistake

    5. Read Question carefully, The Question is Tarana-E-pakistan Not Nation anthem.
      First national anthem was written by jagganath azad at the request of Jinnah, Secondly Hafeez jhalandri wrote an anthem which was adopted as nation anthem

    6. there is title differnce in Qomi trana and Trana e Pakistan
      Qomi trana is written by Hafiz Jhalndry

    7. Tarana-e-Pakistan is claimed to be the first national anthem that was played in Pakistan’s national radio on 14 August 1947 of Pakistan said to be composed by Jagannath Azad at the request of Mohammad Ali Jinnah but this claim is unsubstantiated.

    8. Composed by: Jagganath Azad
      Wrote By: Hafeez Jalandri

    9. First national anthem of Pakistan was written by jagganath Azad on the request of Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Hindi….

    10. yes Ayesha U r right

    11. Same, I got confused there as well.

    12. Yes the same it was written by jhalandary

    13. Antham which words comprise

    14. Words wrote by Hafeez jalandari, but physical written by Jaggatnat azad..

    15. Saif Wattoo (SW07)

      miss ayesha its taran e Pakistan that was wrote jagganath 9th august 1947
      national anthem wrote yb Hafeez jaladari in 1956

      1. correct information, national anthem wrote by Hafeez jalandri in 1956.
        Name the musician who composed the national anthem? Abdul Karim Chagla.
        When was the national anthem of Pakistan first played? 13-August-1954.
        How many singers took part in its musical composition? 13 males & female singers.
        How many words are in national anthem? 50 words.
        How many lines are in national anthem? 15 lines.

    16. Sahee kaha

    17. this answer is right QOMI TARANA was written by HAFIZ JALLANDHRI but the TRANA – E – PAKISTAN was written by JAGANATH AZAD, it is also knwon as FIRST ANTHEM OF PAKISTAN

    18. Jagannath Azad wrote the first national anthem of Pakistan “Aye sar zameen-i-Pak!” which was aired on 14 august 1947 after the announcement newly state on radio Pakistan and it was considered as National Anthem until 13 August 1954 when the new national Anthem was aired, written by Hafeez Jalandri.

    19. You can copy the question and paste it into the taskbar of google, it will give the same answer. Actually, the Qoumi Tarana of Pakistan was written by Hafeez Jalandhari. Tarana-e-Pakistan is claimed to be the first national anthem that was played in Pakistan’s national radio on 14 August 1947 of Pakistan said to be composed by Jagannath Azad at the request of Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

      1. Agreed…!

    20. I also agree ayesha

    21. its correct i confirmed, its jaggan nath azad.

    22. Hmmm you are right

    23. u r right ayesha

    24. but the question was who wrote Tarana-e-Pakistan….. and it has been wrote by jagat nath
      ?? ??????? ????
      Aye sar zameen-i-Pak!
      O, Land of the Pure!

      ??? ???? ??? ?? ?????? ?? ??????
      ???? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ???? ???
      ????? ?????? ?? ?? ???? ???? ????
      ???? ?? ?? ??? ?? ?? ??? ????? ?? ???
      !?? ??????? ????

  4. The writer of taran e pakistan is hafeez jaullandry not a jagaant azad

    1. Basically Tarane Pakistan was written by Jagannath Azad which is played first time on 14th August 1947 on Radio Pakistan.
      And Qomi Tarana is written by Hafeez Jalandheri in 1956.

  5. Zaman Asif Bhatti

    The correct ans is hafiz jalandhari write the national anthem

  6. i like this

  7. this is very powerful way of test and get job

  8. that taarana e pakistan’s answer is wrong hafiz jhalandri was wrote the qoomi taarana of pakistan

  9. Yes,Hafeez wrote tarana pakistan..

  10. Pakistan national anthem is only one and wrote by Hafeez Jalandri.

  11. i like it ,, keep it up more

  12. Tarana-e-Pakistan is claimed to be the first national anthem that was played in Pakistan’s national radio on 14 August 1947[1] of Pakistan said to be composed by “Jagannath Azad” at the request of “Mohammad Ali Jinnah” but this claim is unsubstantiated. It was never officially adopted as Pakistan’s national anthem and the “Qaumi Tarana” was officially adopted as Pakistan’s national anthem in 1950.

    National Anthem of pakistan composed by “Ahmed Ghulam Chaghla” on “21st August 1949”.The anthem, without lyrics, was performed for the first time for a foreign head of state on the state visit of the Shah of Iran to Pakistan in Karachi on 1 March 1950 by a Pakistan Navy band.
    Eventually the lyrics writtern by “Hafeez Jhalandri” were approved and the new “National Anthem” was broadcast publicly on the first time on Radio Pakistan on”13th August 1954″ sung by Hafeez Jhalandri himslef.
    Official announced by the “Ministry of Information”and broadcasting on “16th August 1954″…

  13. good but there is one mistake. who wrote the tarana hafeez jhalandari was the correct answer.

    1. Very nice dear. I am also confused about that answer but we all are know that Hafeez Jhalandhari wrote the national anthem of Pakistan.when I choose that one it show me wrong.

  14. Tarana was written by havez jalandri

  15. Hafiz jhalindari wrote the National Anthem of Pakistan

  16. composed by Jagannath Azad

  17. i like this type of question.

  18. Very nice ,it is very helpful

  19. GooD EvRy Quiz is correct

  20. hafiz jalandary wrote national anthem keep right Question..

  21. National anthem wrote by Hafiz Jallandri

  22. very good and useful knowledge for us..

  23. u right shoaib

  24. It says questions and answers. Where are the answers?

  25. v good bro

  26. very nice but one answer is wrong which is writer of song of pakistan