Poland Quiz

1. Who is the first pope from Poland?

2. Which countries annexed Poland in 1939?

3. Who was the leader of Solidarity?

4. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1980?

5. Who was the king of Poland in 960-992?

6. Which of the following poets is a woman?

7. How many medals were won by Poland in Moscow Olympics 1980?

8. Who succeeded Karol Wojtyla as archbishop of Krakow?

9. Who of the following is not a patron saint of Poland?

10. Who painted ” Lake Switez “?

11. When did Poland become a member of the European Union?

12. How are Lech Kaczynaki who became president on December 23, 2005 and Jaroslaw Kaczynaki who became prime minister on July 10, 2006 related?

13. Who was born in Warsaw and became National Security Advisor in USA?

14. Which is the currency of Poland?

15. Who invented interferometer?

16. Who first discovered an extra-solar planet?

17. Who of the following offered to die for another during World War II?

18. Who won the Battle of Danzig in 1807?

19. In which city is the Central Museum of Textiles?

20. When was LOT Polish Airlines founded?

21. Who won the Shipping Line of the year 2007 award?

22. Which is the national flower of Poland?

23. Which mast collapsed in 1991?

24. Which of the following rivers empties into the Baltic Sea?

25. When is the National Day of Poland?

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  1. The first ruler of Poland was Mieszko I, Mieszko II Lambert was Mieszko’s the first grandson.

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