Switzerland Quiz

1. To which year Switzerland dates its independence?

2. Which is the capital of Switzerland?

3. Who is known as Swiss Miss?

4. Which of following is not an official language of Switzerland?

5. How many cantons are in Switzerland?

6. Which of the following countries does not have a border with Switzerland?

7. How many medals were won by Switzerland in Athens Olympics 2004?

8. Which city is the seat of International Labour Organization?

9. Where was Protestant reformer Ulrich Zwingli born?

10. Who is protected by Swiss Guards?

11. Which mountain range in Switzerland?

12. Which reformer died in Geneva in 1564?

13. Which is the national flower of Switzerland?

14. Which is the national anthem of Switzerland?

15. Where does World Economic Forum hold its Annual Meetings?

16. Where did fictional characters Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty engage in a hand to hand fight?

17. Who along with Walter Haworth won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1937?

18. Who of the following is not a painter?

19. Which are the two Houses of Swiss Parliament?

20. What is the area of Switzerland?

21. Which name appears on Switzerland’s postal stamps?

22. Which is the currency of Switzerland?

23. Which city is known as Switzerland’s San Francisco ?

24. Since when Switzerland is neutral?

25. Who founded Red Cross?

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  1. where are the answers?

    1. you have to click them first

  2. Good effort to compile

  3. Thank you for this quiz. It’s a great study tool. If only Swiss German was that easy. :)

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