United Kingdom Quiz

1. United Kingdom was formed in which year?

2. Who was the monarch of United Kingdom from 1837 to 1901?

3. Who is the first woman Prime Minister of United Kingdom?

4. The monarch of United Kingdom is not the monarch of which country?

5. In England foolish jokes are told about which people?

6. In Ireland foolish jokes are told about which people?

7. Who was the King of England during the War of American Independence?

8. Which King ordered the waves to go back?

9. Who is the last Emperor of India?

10. When was Magna Carta signed?

11. Who personifies England?

12. Which city is on the banks of river Thames?

13. The fictional spy James Bond belongs to which organization?

14. Who wrote Pygmalion?

15. What is Scotland?

16. Who crowns the monarch of United Kingdom?

17. When did England win the Football World Cup?

18. Who is the patron saint of England?

19. How is the flag of United Kingdom known?

20. Who was the last Governor of Hong Kong?

21. In 1982 United Kingdom and Argentina fought over which territory?

22. Which country proclaimed Unilateral Declaration of Independence from United Kingdom in 1965?

23. In which war did the British use concentration camps?

24. Which title is held by the Crown Prince of United Kingdom?

25. Who said “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”?


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