Tripura Quiz

1. When did Tripura become a union territory?

2. When did Tripura become a state?

3. Which state is to the east of Tripura?

4. Which country is to the west of Tripura?

5. Which states in India are smaller than Tripura?

6. Which is the capital of Tripura?

7. Which of the following is an official language of Tripura?

8. Who was Tripura’s chief minister in 2008?

9. Who was Tripura’s governor in 2006?

10. Which is the highest point in Tripura?

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  1. It was awesome…. really

  2. It was great but the last question, Which is the highest point in Tripura? It is a spelling mistake and also it’s already in Mizoram state. The present highest point in Tripura is Tlangsang.

  3. No of questions and answers should be increased

  4. Ar bhi qus hota to acha hota

  5. Wow… it’s really very interesting……

  6. there should be recent ques. From tripura

  7. I need more from tripura. .plzz update

  8. Highest point of Tripura ? Confusion is there

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