Sikkim Quiz

1. Which country is to the east of Sikkim?

2. Which country is to the west of Sikkim?

3. Which state is to the south of Sikkim?

4. Which is the capital of Sikkim?

5. Which is the highest point in Sikkim?

6. Which dynasty ruled Sikkim in 1642-1975?

7. When did Sikkim cede Darjeeling to the British?

8. When did Sikkim become a state of India?

9. Which article in Indian constitution is a special provision for Sikkim?

10. Which party won Legislative Assembly election in Sikkim in 1999?

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Updated: April 14, 2020 — 10:24 pm

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  1. Question number 8 ans is wrong. Correct ans is 16 july 1975

    1. 26 April 1975 is the correct answer as per 36th Amendment to the Constitution of India.

    2. Correct answer is 16 May 1975.

    3. 16 May 1975 Sikkim became 22nd state of India.

  2. Ans to question no.8 is 16th May 1975

  3. i think this is better

  4. Sikkim became the 22nd Indian State on 26 April 1975. On 16 May 1975, Sikkim officially became a state of the Indian Union

    1. Becoming the 22nd state of India and officially a state of india union, both sounds the same.. newz

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