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Manipur Quiz

1. When did Manipur become a state?

2. What does Manipur mean?

3. Which state is to the north of Manipur?

4. Which state is to the west of Manipur?

5. Which country is to the east of Manipur?

6. Which is the capital of Manipur?

7. Which lake is the source of Manipur River?

8. What is the area of Manipur?

9. When was Manipuri added to the eighth schedule of the constitution?

10. Who was Manipur’s chief minister in 1995?

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Updated: November 6, 2018 — 7:34 am

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  1. in question 1)

    answer is (c) which should be 21st JANUARY in 1972

  2. Question no. 7 answer should be Loktak lake not logtak lake.

  3. Manipurid khoige namb ching khngbibro

  4. How many caves in manipur?

  5. how to check the correct answers.

  6. encyclopedia or Britannica mentioning logtak is wrong and Loktak is the correct word which should be use..I know this becos I am a manipuri..n it’s my language n our lake name is loktak not logtak..

  7. Noigi Q. Leitrabo? Ei hangese manipurgi khowaidagi kanadaba lam?(area) karino?

  8. LOGTAK???? Updated your Spelling Mr. Admin…

  9. q1 wrong answer all of them

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