Uttarakhand Quiz

1. When was Uttaranchal formed?

2. When did Uttaranchal change its name to Uttarakhand?

3. Which country is to the east of Uttarakhand?

4. Which state is to the west of Uttarakhand?

5. Which state is to the south of Uttarakhand?

6. Which is the capital of Uttarakhand?

7. Which is the official language of Uttarakhand?

8. Who was Uttarakhand’s first chief minister?

9. Who was Uttarakhand’s first governor?

10. Which is the highest point in Uttarakhand?

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  1. Uttrakhand was formed on 9 november not 8th

  2. place give me uttrakhand samanya gyan and about uk pcs exam

    1. uttrakhand is tourist palace

  3. please update more questions about uttarakhand

  4. Sir please provide current affairs and natural desaster & further action will be taken by govt. question and ans

  5. nce, update more uk GK QUESTIONS.

  6. Which is the state game of uttarakhand.

  7. Very easy questions are mentioned in this quiz…Please ask some tough

    1. Do u have any tough questions about our state so pls send me.I m waiting for this……..if no, so pls never decrease To any one.mind it

  8. vry ncy qus plz more update ths typ qus………….carry on ukkkk

    1. This quiz is very importent and plz more question mensen this quiz than update all reders.
      Thank you

  9. Give a complete practice set of uttarakhand quiz objective Hindi and English both

  10. Plz update more gk

  11. what is the state game of uttarakhand ?.

    1. skeeing……
      is the state game of uttarakhand…

  12. plz latest question

  13. Nice .
    Plzzz..update more question

  14. Plz update more qustn about uttrakhand

  15. state game of uttarakhand is FOOTBALL

  16. what is the third state level language of Uttatakhand & when it was taken

  17. sir plz add more q

  18. Sir shri nagraj dewata fair is organised in which district of uttrakhad

  19. nice paper sir

  20. nyc quiz compition….

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