Meghalaya Quiz

1. When did Meghalaya become a state?

2. What does Meghalaya mean?

3. Which state is to the north of Meghalaya?

4. Which country is to the south of Meghalaya?

5. Which is the capital of Meghalaya?

6. Which of the following is not an official language of Meghalaya?

7. Which is the highest point in Meghalaya?

8. What is the area of Meghalaya?

9. Who was the candidate for president of India from Meghalaya in 1992?

10. Which place in Meghalaya used to have the highest rainfall in the world?

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  1. please give me general knowledge question of meghalaya

  2. I want more difficult question.

    1. Mmannn if ye wanna tuff ? S search sum other websides

  3. i want more important question…..

  4. All this is known by everyone some more is required, tell us sumting we dont know

  5. highest rainfall in the world = mawsynram, meghalaya

  6. Thanks alot…


  7. Lumdingwell Langrin

    The highest rainfall in Meghalaya is Mawsynram

  8. give me tough question,plz!

  9. I want tough and important question

  10. Thanks alot.its helping me more

  11. thanks alot

  12. i need toughest questions
    a 1st class student can solve these

    1. There are two types of questions. Easy, whose answers you know. Difficult, whose answers you do not know. What is easy for one is difficult for another. Try quizzes on popes, Nobel Prize winners, and countries of Africa and Latin America.

  13. thanks alot

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