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Orissa Quiz

(Orissa is officially known as Odisha.)

1. When was Odisha separated from Bihar?

2. Which water body is to the east of Odisha?

3. Which state is to the west of Odisha?

4. Which state is to the south of Odisha?

5. Which is the capital of Odisha?

6. Which chief minister of Odisha voted in Lok Sabha’s vote of confidence in April 1999?

7. Which is the highest point in Odisha?

8. Which is the largest lake in Odisha?

9. Which is the official language of Odisha?

10. What is the area of Odisha?

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Updated: August 21, 2017 — 1:32 am

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  1. Thanks Know infrmation about of Odisha


      Good and valuable information on Odisha state and its Culture. Thanks for the quiz.

  2. Nyc q

  3. Nice questions

    For knowledge

  4. pradeep kanta bag

    thanks nice question

  5. Nice que

  6. Deomali is the highest point of odisha..not mahendra hill

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