Tamil Nadu Quiz

1. Which water body is to the east of Tamil Nadu?

2. Which state is to the west of Tamil Nadu?

3. Which ocean is to the south of Tamil Nadu?

4. Which strait separates Tamil Nadu from Sri Lanka?

5. How was Tamil Nadu formerly known?

6. Which is the southernmost point of Tamil Nadu?

7. Which is the highest point in Tamil Nadu?

8. Which party came to power in Tamil Nadu in 1967?

9. Who was Tamil Nadu’s first non-Congress chief minister?

10. What is the area of Tamil Nadu?

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  1. good but i expect more question

    1. great quiz but i except more questions

    2. hi good And nice

  2. good but we want more questions.

  3. Gud questins

  4. Good questions. More questions covering all the topics are expected.

  5. The quiz is nice. One small suggestion. The answer for 9 th question is C Annadurai. But the actual Name is C N Annadurai. C denotes his native canjeevaram. Kindly make a note of it. Thank you

  6. Both C. Annadurai and C. N. Annadurai are right. C. N. Annadurai is full with N standing for Natarajan, Annadurai’s faither’s name. Interestingly today Coonjevaram is known as Kanchipuram.

  7. This quiz is amazing
    This let us to know more about Tamil Nadu

  8. Need more questions

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