Maharashtra Quiz

1. When was Maharashtra formed?

2. Which sea is to the west of Maharashtra?

3. Which state is to the east of Maharashtra?

4. Who was Maharashtra’s chief minister on 26 November 2008?

5. Who was Maharashtra’s home minister on 26 November 2008?

6. Which is the official language of Maharashtra?

7. Which is the highest point in Maharashtra?

8. What is the area of Maharashtra?

9. Where did Thibaw, last king of Burma, live in Maharashtra?

10. Who was Maharashtra’s governor in 1992?

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  1. Plz add some more question and answer..

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  3. Maharashtra’s highest point is Kalsubai not Mahabaleshwar.

    1. U r anser is wrong kalsubai is highest in maharashtra

    2. kalsubai dist ahmadnagar high 1646

    3. ho ka???? mag aata……

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  9. Harry Edward Styles

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  11. Nice…bt gve some nw qn.

  12. Very nice if you dont mind you can add the questions in star sequence that is better



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    1. Check here and here.

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    I like quiz

  29. Achal suryawanshi

    Who was a first CM of Maharashtra?
    – yashvantrav chavhan

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