Assam Quiz

1. Which state is to the north of Assam?

2. Which country is to the west of Assam?

3. When did the British annex Assam?

4. Which district was separated from Assam and given to Pakistan in 1947?

5. Which state was separated from Assam in 1963?

6. When was Mizoram separated from Assam?

7. Which is the capital of Assam?

8. Which is the highest point in Assam?

9. Which party came to power in Assam in 1985?

10. How was Assam formerly known?

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  1. It is the process to improve GK.

  2. It good process improve gk

  3. nice bt.should be more….

  4. its gud to knw mre about axom!!!!!

  5. I like it

  6. not enough to gain knowedge.

  7. i lyk it.. it will help us to gain more kwnldge regarding assam

  8. it is the process developed student

  9. some questions related culture is required

  10. I like but i expect more than 10 . But it is at all fine . I came to know many things . Thank u

  11. Bikash Jyoti Hazarika

    we want more…………

  12. Good questions, helpful

  13. nice questions

  14. it is tooooooooooooo good

  15. it was too nice. thanku:)

  16. nice but nore improvement needed

  17. Helpful questions

  18. this are the most impotant question , we must read it

  19. Distrik dhemaji and kabu chapari

  20. gud try but we need more

  21. It is good but we need more & more

  22. I want to know all about ASSAM

  23. nice but giv more

    1. Which type of questions you may need

  24. Nice to know more about assam

  25. I think,,,,,,,,,U have to do, lot of work on GK……….
    Don’t worry I will be here after your GK improve.

  26. Very useful. ..need to add high level questions

  27. susanta kumar pattnaik

    first of all my salute to tricolour.patriotic,educative.good option to 70th independence day,India, facitates wide range of national value.

  28. Dhruba jyoti kalita

    I lyk it, nd it is the process to next generation to developed their knowledge

  29. Helpful. Thanks……

  30. first of all my salute to tricolor.patriotic,educative.good option to 70th independence day,india,facitates wide range of national value.

  31. nice questions

  32. Keep it up

  33. Im have english is g.k good

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