Arunachal Pradesh Quiz

1. Which country is to the west of Arunachal Pradesh?

2. Which is the capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

3. Which is the highest point in Arunachal Pradesh?

4. How was Arunachal Pradesh formerly known?

5. When was Arunachal Pradesh separated from Assam?

6. Which of the following rivers flows through Arunachal Pradesh?

7. What is the area of Arunachal Pradesh?

8. Which line separates Arunachal Pradesh from Tibet?

9. Who succeeded Dorjee Khandu as Arunachal Pradesh’s chief minister?

10. Which country refers to Arunachal Pradesh as South Tibet?

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  1. Ramanand prasad gupta

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  5. I just liked it because tomorrow is mine’s quiz about northeast in cluster level

  6. This quiz is really good!!

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  8. today is my competition on arunachal quiz at 00:00 in my school

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  10. where is the answer??

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  12. I like it but add more question and answer related to arunachal Pradesh..

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  14. Question 9 answer is wrong Dorgee khandu succeeded was Jarbom Gamlin

  15. nice quiz but too easy need a bit more tough one. thank u.

  16. i like ur quize

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