List of ASEAN Countries

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Association of Southeast Asian Nations

ASEAN – Association of Southeast Asian Nations

1) Indonesia

2) Malaysia

3) Philippines

4) Singapore

5) Thailand

6) Brunei

7) Vietnam

8) Laos

9) Myanmar

10) Cambodia

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  1. Does Russia comes under ASEAN countries ?

      1. Absolutely no

  2. Does China member of ASEAN countries?

  3. does india is member of asian?

  4. Is Korea considered an ASEAN country or ASIA country?

    1. North Korea and South Korea are not parts of ASEAN. They are
      parts of Asia, a continent.

  5. is the Asian country belongs to this activity or for ASEAN country only?

  6. where is the headquarters of ASEAN

    1. kanwar abhimanyu singh

      jakarata indonesia

  7. Does Vietnam not under ASEAN countries anymore?

  8. To be updated of ASEAN activities is very much appreciated

  9. Does sri lanka member of ASEAN

  10. I thing that about Asean is very important in all the worlw

  11. what are the qualifications of the membership”????

    1. India is a Asean contry
      Or not

  12. I am Yuok sarin is Norodom khemarin 13253 Phnom penh Cambodia.
    I live in Cambodia

  13. does east timor part now of asean?

  14. which one is headquarter of ASEAN? jakarta or bali?

  15. dose pakistan is member of Asean?

  16. You know? i think indonesia is a big country in Asean. i’am from indonesia. Hi!

  17. Does pakistan come in Asean countries?

  18. Sir — we want to import goods under chapter 85182900 & 85272900 to India ,can we have the duty benefit for it & what will be that ,also what documents will be needed from Malaysia supplier to avail the benefit .

  19. How would you compare ASEAN to the EU?

  20. why these markets (Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia) are not considered as a strong stock markets?

  21. Does I dis is not its member

  22. Im much interested in quiz and in the matters of wide area like geography,history,culture and more.
    Lets go together.
    By the way im from NEPAL.
    Thank you.

  23. Is China, Japan, and South Korea part of any trading bloc?

  24. Why ASEAN is weaker under Philippine’s chairmanship?

  25. Does Afghanistan is under ASEAN countries?

  26. No only 10 countries in ASEAN Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Lagos, Myanmar, Cambodia

  27. How many countries r there under the asean..?

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